What makes the Yi Jing Library special

The app offers a built-in function for questions and promptly delivers the answer and an overview of the explanation. The advantage of assigning each section of a work of Yi Jing to predefined database fields is that one only sees what is necessary in an answer of the Yi Jing app. Furthermore, the app facilitates a comparison between books by different authors. In contrast to printed books, where the search for answers often turns out to be time-consuming, this quick access to the related section(s) improves the user experience significantly.

Our goal is to be able to grant fast and simple access to various sources and to encourage user independence by providing parallel readings of different works.

The Editorial Process

As the first step of our editorial process, a work on Yi Jing will be thoroughly examined in order to determine the structure of its translation. If necessary, its content will be compared with the Chinese original. As a result, the allocation of the text sections to the predefined database fields in our Yi Jing Library becomes apparent, for example “Judgement”, “Image” or “Changing Lines”. Afterwards, the editions will be scanned and these scans serve as a digital basis for their transfer into the database. This final step is carried out by hand with meticulous care. At the same time, the license for the electronic publication will be acquired from the copyright holder.

Who is a part of all this? (Our Team)

Our team consists of an experienced entrepreneur and a group of students who are in charge of editorial work, as well as the creation and maintenance of the website. For more details please refer to About Us.

Where are we located?

Our team is located in Switzerland, as well as in Brazil and Russia.
We look forward to your questions and feedback. You can reach us under Contact.