About the App

The Yi Jing Library allows you to consult the Yi Jing and supports your interpretation with technologically advanced tools.

The Library of the App contains an extensive database of various authors’ authoritative works. The exact text passages relating to your question are displayed at a glance upon a single movement of your finger. You can also compare the texts of different authors side by side. Today, the library already contains more than 10 books with over 4,000 pages of comments, each of which can be downloaded for a fee. Leafing through thick tomes to get your information will be a thing of the past.

The same probabilities are used to determine the answers as if you were querying the oracle in the traditional way with yarrow bars and coins. The structure of each hexagram and its trigrams and lines are explained with images (answer hexagram, trend hexagram, core hexagram, counter hexagram, anti hexagram, constituent and dominant lines). The dynamics of the individual signs are explained in a commentary published for the first time from the point of view of Western system theory. This commentary offers completely new views on the Yi Jing.

The Yi Jing library does not contain advertising texts or use cookies. Once downloaded, the app works without a connection to the Internet. Only you have access to your stored questions and answers.

The basic version of the Yi Jing library contains all the necessary elements for working with the Yi Jing. In the premium version you have more tools at your disposal (a comparison function, selection of fonts, downloading of books, collection of general questions to the Yi Jing, etc.).

Currently, you find the original Yi Jing text in the app, combined with translations and interpretations of Hexagrams 1-64 of the following authors: Richard Wilhelm (German and Russian Editions), Cary Baynes (English Edition), J-B. Régis (Latin edition from the 17th century, accessible to the public for the first time), J. Legge (new in the Wilhelm structure), H. Barrett (English), K. and R. Huang (English), S. Karcher (English), D. Schilling (German), R. Simon (German), A. Stahel (German, English), Yang & Zhang (Chinese).

The number of available works is constantly growing.