About the App

The Iching – Yijing Library allows you to consult the Book of Changes with ease and supports you with the technologically most advanced tools and numerous commentaries by different authors.

The Library of the App contains an extensive database of various authors’ famous works. The exact text passages relating to your question are displayed at a glance. You can also compare the texts of different authors side by side. Today, the library already contains over 12 books with over 6,000 pages of commentaries. The clear structure of the Iching – Yijing Library helps you to understand the ways of Tao, Fengshui and Horoscope. Similar to Tarot or Candomblé, the Iching – Yijing Library also uses divination techniques.

The Iching – Yijing Library utilizes two specialized random generators to produce the same values as physical coins and yarrow stalks. This enables a lifelike and accurate query of the oracle in the most traditional way. The structure of each hexagram, trigram and line is displayed with images. The dynamics of the individual signs are explained in a commentary from the point of view of Western system theory, which is published for the first time in this app.

The Yi Jing library does not contain advertising texts nor does it use cookies. Once downloaded, our app works offline. Only you have access to your stored questions and answers.

The basic version of the Yi Jing library includes all the necessary elements for working with the Yi Jing, be it in the form of divination with coins and yarrow stalks or with modern analytical psychology as introduced by C. G. Jung. In the premium version you have more tools at your disposal (a comparison function, an analyzing tool for all hexagrams, access to a brand-new commentary on Yi Jing based on Western system theory, etc.).

The following editions are currently available:

  • Richard Wilhelm (German)
  • Richard Wilhelm (trans. in French by Perrot)
  • Richard Wilhelm (trans. in Russian by Lubochkova)
  • Cary Baynes (English)
  • J-B. Régis (Latin, 17th century)
  • J. Legge (English)
  • H. Barrett (English)
  • K. and R. Huang (English)
  • S. Karcher (German)
  • D. Schilling (German)
  • R. Simon (German)
  • A. Stahel (German, English)
  • Yang & Zhang (Chinese)


We are constantly adding more commentaries. More and more works will be available!