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Year 2021


  • New editions:
    • We have obtained the copyrights for the edition by Jack M. Balkin.
    • We are currently doing the peer review for the edition by Richard J. Lynn. The formal copyright confirmation is still pending.
  • Windows version:
    • The Windows version would be ready for testing. However, there are technical issues between Windows and Qt software. Qt software enables the use of our app on different platforms.


  • The Library app’s basic version is now for free for both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Windows system
    • More tests will be run this month. This makes a publication during April or May possible.


  • Version 3.1.1 has been published and is available in the app stores now.
    • Users may now change the order of editions in their library.
    • A bug was eliminated that prevented the breaking down of words in the question field.
  • Successful testing
    • First tests of our app I Ching – Yi Jing Library on Windows were successful and showed satisfactory results.


  • Version 3.1 has been published.
    • French system navigation implemented
    • It includes the interface to Pleco, a backup solution, and the export/import of questions and answers.
    • Various minor improvements have also been incorporated.
  • The French Wilhelm translation by Etienne Perrot is now available in the in-app shop.

Year 2020


  • The storage of images and texts for the help function will be moved from the Yi Jing Library app to the Yi Jing Web. This ensures a speedy download of the app.
  • In order to make the Library app accessible to a broader audience, we have lowered the price of the basic version from US$ 5.00 to US$ 3.00.


  • Initial tests for porting the Yi Jing Library to Windows PCs and Macs with Intel processors show positive results.
  • Tests on new MAC computers with ARM processors are successful.
  • Version 3.1 of the app is currently in the testing phase. The backup for all divinations is simple to use. With its help, the divinations can be easily exported to or imported from other devices.


  • We have obtained the copyright for the French Perrot edition of “I Ging” by Richard Wilhelm. It will be published together with the French version of the app.


  • The Yi Jing Library is now also available in Apple’s Chinese App Store! However, the Chinese market is still closed to our Android version.
  • Thanks to proper and careful maintenance of search algorithms, our app is now more visible and easier to find.


  • The Yi Jing Team has been reorganized. From now on, we will be focusing more on promoting the app on social media, in universities and other institutions. A forum is being built at the moment.
  • The concordance function will not be developed due to technical reasons. It will instead be replaced by an Pleco Dictionaries.


  • Publication of the first public release: Version 3.0 – A complete product with already 10 (ten) Yi Jing works that were digitized by us
  • The Yi Jing can be consulted automatically or manually, the answer hexagrams can be interpreted and analyzed.
  • Planned features for the next release: Concordance function: It shows where in the Yi Jing a certain character is used.
  • Planned features for the next release: Export/Backup of user information


  • A version for ARM Macs is planned for the beginning of 2021.