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The Yi Jing Library is the world’s leading app for working with the Book of Changes.

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Latest News

August 2021

  • Balkin edition:
    • It is expected that this edition will be available again between October and November.

July 2021

  • Balkin edition:
    • Special characters in this edition are not displayed correctly. Therefore, the edition has been temporarily disabled in the store. We are in the process of addressing this issue. As soon as the problem is solved, the edition will be reactivated. You have already purchased the edition? Please don’t worry. The Balkin edition will be available again on your device(s) after its reactivation.

Latest News

June 2021

  • New editions:
    • Peer review of the Balkin Edition is complete.

May 2021

  • Downloads from Apple and Google stores are steadily increasing.
  • The I Ching – Yi Jing library has a very reliable and stable performance since the beginning of its publication.
  • The publication of the edition by Balkin can be expected in June.
  • Windows version:
    • Unfortunately, the conflicts discovered in April between Windows and the Qt software cannot be resolved. Thus, work on the Windows version has been halted.
    • We are checking whether the Yi Jing library can be put on a new technological basis.