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Yi Jing Library.

The Yi Jing Library is the world’s leading app for working with the Book of Changes.

Latest News

May 2021

  • Downloads from Apple and Google stores are steadily increasing.
  • The I Ching – Yi Jing library has a very reliable and stable performance since the beginning of its publication.
  • The publication of the edition by Balkin can be expected in June.
  • Windows version:
    • Unfortunately, the conflicts discovered in April between Windows and the Qt software cannot be resolved. Thus, work on the Windows version has been halted.
    • We are checking whether the Yi Jing library can be put on a new technological basis.

Latest News

April 2021

  • New editions:
    • We have obtained the copyrights for the edition by Jack M. Balkin.
    • We are currently doing the peer review for the edition by Richard J. Lynn. The formal copyright confirmation is still pending.
  • Windows version:
    • The Windows version would be ready for testing. However, there are technical issues between Windows and Qt software. Qt software enables the use of our app on different platforms.