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Yi Jing Library.

The Yi Jing Library is the world’s leading app for working with the Book of Changes.

Latest News

March 2021

  • The Library app’s basic version is now for free for both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Windows system
    • More tests will be run this month. This makes a publication during April or May possible.

February 2021

  • Version 3.1.1 has been published and is available in the app stores now.
    • Users may now change the order of editions in their library.
    • A bug was eliminated that prevented the breaking down of words in the question field.
  • Successful testing
    • First tests of our app I Ching – Yi Jing Library on Windows were successful and showed satisfactory results.

Latest News

January 2021

  • Version 3.1 has been published.
    • French system navigation implemented
    • It includes the interface to Pleco, a backup solution, and the export/import of questions and answers.
    • Various minor improvements have also been incorporated.
  • The French Wilhelm translation by Etienne Perrot is now available in the in-app shop.

December 2020

  • The storage of images and texts for the help function will be moved from the Yi Jing Library app to the Yi Jing Web. This ensures a speedy download of the app.
  • In order to make the Library app accessible to a broader audience, we have lowered the price of the basic version from US$ 5.00 to US$ 3.00.