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Yi Jing Library.

The Yi Jing Library is the world’s leading app for working with the Book of Changes.

The intelligent database with extensive commentaries on Yi Jing
Already over 4'000 pages of texts and commentaries in the library
All text passages and interpretations of your question at your fingertips
Your smartphone or tablet displays all information, even when you are on the move
Customizable user interface, multilingual navigation, large selection of fonts
Wilhelm and Baynes translations already included
Many additional commentaries available for purchase in the in-app shop
Published for the first time: a completely new commentary on the dynamics of the Yi Jing
Published for the first time: the first Latin translation of the Yi Jing in electronic form
Published for the first time: James Legge’s commentaries in the structure of the Wilhelm translation
New commentaries are constantly added to the library
Comparisons between commentaries
Collection of frequently asked questions and answers about the Yi Jing
Secure archiving of all your questions and answers
Share questions and answers with friends
Offline mode: The app works without internet connection.
Mac version from 2021
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Latest News

February 2024

  • The Team has been hard at work on improving the App for the consumer. Currently, we are finalizing the 4.10 release, which will bring new features and plenty of improvements. We strive to provide the best possible Yi Jing Library experience.
  • Enjoy the brand new Bradford Hatcher Edition! It is the first time that this Version has been digitalized and made available!

November 2023

  • After listening to Costumer feedback, we have decided to permanently lower the prices of six Editions! 
  • The Following Editions have been permanently reduced in Price: James Legge, Jean Baptiste Regis, Richard Wilhelm in French, Richard Wilhelm in Russian and Yang Zhang

Customer Reviews

June 7th, 2023

★★★★★ The Best I Ching app on Android. I’ve tried them all, but they all had drawbacks – this one is different. No more rifling through a pile of books to compare translations. Stores all my questions and allows me to search for them, and has a unique dynamics function that allows you to track the energy of your situation as it changes. My only gripe is that it can be quite expensive by the time you add up all the books to purchase, but there are cheaper ones available to get you started. Love it!

April 18th, 2022

★★★★★ This App has always answered my comments and queries discretely, genuinely, anonymously, honestly and openly, and with fond affection, utterly respectfully, yet without a doubt, verifiably accurately! Spirit, via this app, has been a shockingly wonderful mentor when (and I always do except maybe once or twice out of 2000+ divinations) I’ve thought what I meant, meant what I’ve thought, and simultaneously written or silently asked or commented what I’ve thought to the Universe. Thank you!!!