Terms of Use

Are there any restrictions on the use of the I Ching library?

All actions you take based on the answers of the Yi Jing Library app are your sole responsibility. We cannot accept any responsibility for your interpretation of the Yi Jing answers.

The Yi Jing Library’s use is restricted to the functions provided by its user interface. Any other use is prohibited.

This applies in particular to the works stored in the database. These may not be extracted, copied or changed. Only the sharing of a personal question to the Yi Jing together with the translation lines of the answer of the selected author (share function) is permitted.

This also applies to the use of names, trademarks, and logos used in the Yi Jing App.

By using the app, you agree to these usage restrictions.

What happens in case of copyright infringements?

If we receive information that users are violating usage restrictions or copyrights, we may deny them access to our services. We, but also the copyright holders of the works stored in the Yi Jing Library, may use any lawful means to prevent users from infringing copyrights or usage restrictions.

In cases where infringement of copyright or usage regulations can be concluded, we reserve the right to use the identity and the list of downloads of possibly involved users in cases where such information is stored by external service providers such as Apple, Google or Amazon. We may also share such information with copyright owners whose copyrights have been infringed.